Can I start by saying “It’s about time”!!!! I must pat myself on the back for stepping out there and getting this blog started. With the help of the “bomb diggy” supporters (you know who are) I am challenging myself and having fun all at the same time. Let me start by telling you why I chose to do this and why I chose this name. I’m a proud and blessed mommy of two beautiful children who have forever changed my life. Anyone who is a mom knows that with having kids means change in almost every aspect of your life from relationships, music, outings, social interactions, heath and beauty, vehicles, job status and of course my personal favorite………FASHION!!!!! I can remember the first time it happened like it was yesterday when I fell into the trap of “mama jeans”. I was only going to be gone for a while to run a few errands so I decided to throw on some jeans and a top, sounds normal right? Well, yes it was till I passed by the mirror and saw myself!!!! It was shear horror and I couldn’t recognize the person looking back at me in the mirror. That  was the moment when I decided enough, I need to start loving me again and caring for me again internally and definitely externally.

As a first time mom  it was all about the baby naturally, but after that vision in the mirror I quickly realized that mommy needs to be at her best to be the very best for her baby. Not to mention I’m the daughter of the best put together woman I’ve ever known. My mom even on worse day looks fabulous on the outside, with just a simple touch of her gloss and her pearl earrings she is perfection. My mom always says “even when you’re not your best on the inside, you don’t have to let it show on the outside”. Thanks mom!  So after “my moment” I went in my closet and began to pull clothes and make piles and hours later there was an organized closet making it easier to see what I had and what needed to go. So if your asking what exactly is mama jeans? Well, mama jeans are of course the jeans that just aren’t right for body type, the jeans that are for people 70 and above, or pretty much any article of clothing that is just all the way wrong. Now after my second baby I never made that fashion mistake, and I like to think I’m pretty current with my wardrobe. Now do I always get it right? Probably not, but the effort is there for sure. With my blog I just want to share what has worked for me with hopes to encourage another mommy that you don’t have to lose your “mojo” because you’re a mom. Now is the time to embrace your role as a mom and have fun with it through fashion. Let’s get started!!!!!