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Now, this won’t require spending lots of money or heading to the mall for a shopping spree. Let’s just start with your very own closet. It may take while but poor a glass of wine, turn on your favorite music and begin the piles of clothes. You want to separate by the season we are currently in “winter” that way your not overwhelmed with every single piece of clothing in your closet. Depending on the size of your closet you may have put some items in other closets or box them up. Once you have them separated by current season you can divide them by long sleeve, short sleeve, color, pants, leggings, skirts and my personal favorite denim. You will need to make that pile of clothes that just won’t make the cut. The clothes that may be faded, lost its shape, to tight, and of course the dreaded way too small.

Hang it all up once separated, and I must say having it colored coordinated makes a world of difference on those mornings when your running late and need to grab and go (trust me I’ve been there) still walking out the house stylish and on time. Once all the mess is clear and everything is hung it will become clear that you have more clothes to work with than you thought. Now your done for now, but don’t get to comfortable because the season will be changing again pretty soon. So enjoy your newly rearranged closet and look you haven’t even gone to a store yet😉