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So Friday night was date night with my hubby. Now those nights are few and far between so I always look forward to them. I especially like to look my best on these nights because I want to look good for me and my man , you know make him remember why he put a ring on it, lol! With date night you have to take into consideration where your going, will you be sitting or standing most of the time and also weather conditions. This date for us included listening to a band and dancing so instantly I knew my shoes had to be sexy but comfy, and my outfit needed to show off my figure but in classy way. This time of the year it’s still cold so throwing on waist length leather coat always works for style and warmth. A good thing to remember when your looking for outfit is “the only way others will look at you and see a confident woman is if you exude it from within”. No matter your size there is a sexy date night or even girls night out outfit for everyone. For my night out I ended up wearing gray jeggings ( which were purchased from old navy) these jeggings are great because they have the elastic waist which is great for those bloated days (helps suck it all in), a shear black top with a black tank under it. I wore my black tuxedo blazer ( blazers are great cause they give the illusion of a smaller waist). For my shoe I went with a black peep toe with a 2 1/2 inch heel, which is was very comfortable. I topped off my outfit with a few accessories which included a silver clutch, silver hoop earrings, and a chunky silver bracelet. I wanted to show a few examples of outfits that are great for those night out with your man or girls!!! It’s all in good fun because again it’s about feeling good on the outside and even better on the inside. You can check out my Pinterest page where I also have a board pinned with more date night attire ideas, just go to http://www.pinterest.com and search for nomoremamajeans. Below is a picture of my actual outfit for date night😊