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Who knew the scarf could be so wonderful and worn so many different ways, a scarf is all year round for sure. The thing to remember when choosing a scarf it doesn’t have to totally match, its pretty much an accessory that pulls the outfit together. My scarf experience ranged from pairing it with a pair of jeans and top, dressing it up with slacks and a blouse for a meeting, or rocking it with active or lounge wear for comfort and style together. Another thing about the scarf is its a very affordable accessory and you can buy them in pairs. Stores like Wal-Mart, Target, Old navy, and even Walgreens carry the scarves, but my favorite place to find a scarf is at a consignment boutique. I have been able to find so many different looking scarves at a boutique for half the price. When thinking of what kind of scarf to buy for your wardrobe start with those basic solid colors like black, gray, blue and red. Along with the basic colors you must incorporate those funky scarves as well. For me I have a place in my closet where my scarves are displayed that way they are in plain sight and it can be that perfect accessory to tie that outfit together. Check out my pinterest page for more ideas on what outfits to wear a scarf with.