Well over the weekend it officially became Spring, how exciting!!!! I love Spring and all the fashion that comes along with it. One of my favorite fashion choices for Spring is leggings, LOVE THEM!!! Leggings are not only slimming but there is such a variety of colors and designs to choose from. Its important to always have your basic colors; black, navy blue, gray and khaki. The more comfortable you become then you can move into the Aztec, stripes, flowers and more crazy designs that are available. Leggings provide comfort and style and can be worn with flats, wedges and strapy sandals. For me and my short stature I love the capri legging with of course a great wedge shoe, can’t go wrong with that look no matter your size. I love that I can go out with the kids for a day wearing my leggings feeling great and cute about me. Another thing about leggings they also provide that extra support needed in the tummy area if you choose the right kind. When choosing your leggings look for the full panel support, that panel will pull in the waist/ tummy area making the top you choose look and flow better. That brings me to my next piece, the top for the leggings which if your not careful can make or break your entire look. I usually opt for a more flowing top, the tunic is my personal favorite all tops should cover your rear. The thing about leggings is that they are already very form fitting, therefore you need a top that will offset the tightness (not bringing too much attention) and your flowing top can do exactly that. I have yet to have a bad experience with leggings, totally a must have for SPRING! Try it

These pictures show the stylish and comfortable ways you can wear leggings

These pictures show the stylish and comfortable ways you can wear leggings