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 So with my kids getting out of school in just a matter of days, that means lots of pool time for them, and the dreaded “mommy has to get into a bathing suit” for me!!! Last years bathing suit is still a option but I still would like a new one. I was in Target the other day just browsing around in the bathing suit section, and there really some cute ones even if your not a size six. I think the most important thing to remember when looking for a bathing suit is, you must pay attention to and know your body type. We are shaped differently so although it may look good on the mannequin does not mean it will look that way on you. From petite, curvy, slim, short and tall there is one for every woman.

Now pick a day when you have a little time on your hands because its best to try on the bathing suit before leaving the store. Take different colors, designs and styles in the dressing room with you, that way you can really narrow down what works best for your body type. Its ok if you have to visit a few different stores before finding the right one, because in the end it will be so worth it. Just a few of my favorite stores to go looking for a bathing suit would have to be Ta rget, Marshalls, Tjmaxx, and JCpenny. In the end feeling good about yourself in your bathing suit is the most important thing, so let’s do this!!! Happy Shopping!!!

Just because you may not be able to get into this style, does not mean you can’t try another style………

Bathing Suit Choices

Here are few more options, which I’m sure will be one of my pics…


Which one would you pick???