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So today was special……it is the last day of school!!!! No carpool,no homework,no school traffic, no after school activities!!!!! I celebrate because my life for the next two and half months will be a little less hectic. So in honor of ME making it through third grade and the toddler class I am celebrating!!!!! I deserve it this and my side kick deserves it too, my sister. Yes, my sister has encountered all of the above this school year as well and we ready to enjoy summer!!! So we headed out and in true fashion proved that moms with busy schedules still can find time to kick back, relax, and have fun with style!!!!

My look: Chevron top from Ross, jeans From Oldnavy (Women’s Rockstar Skinny Jeans) and Micheal Kors wedges from Ross (did not pay Micheal Kors price 😉)
This is my beautiful sister and she knows how to rock a cute outfit indeed!

Sister (Del) is wearing a colorful, print, one shoulder top, black skinny jeans and gold wedges!!!!!