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Very rarely can I find a maxi dress that calls for me to be able wear flats. Standing at a height of only 5’1 it’s really tough for me to find just the length. So imagine my surprise when I was at Ross for the sole purpose of maxi dress shopping, I grabbed a few off the rack and headed to the dreaded dressing room. First two dresses, way to long but the third was heaven!!!!! I was so excited, I had a maxi that could be worn with flats. That is just WINNING all around, not to mention the dress itself was under $20!!!! Now I still wore my wedges with the maxi today, but I guarantee you that I will pair it with my flats the next time I wear it. Another thing about the maxi that I loved was the design (zig zag) and the elastic in the waist, which is not adjustable but gave the perfect fit.