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This weekend was filled with lots of fun, memories and of course style!! I spoke about hats before but when I saw my cousin bring this one out I just had to share. I had to get all the details from her about the hat and thankfully she was willing. This hat is pink, bought at Marshalls on clearance!!!!!! Hats can bring so much to a outfit anytime of the year, now she decided to pair her hat with black shorts, a gray tea and black wedges!!!! Her accessories were big silver earrings which I always suggest you wear with a hat of this size and a chunky bracelet. Now how fabulous is this hat……..


As you can see we are family ,we love fashion but we love to blog! Please go and check out my cousins blog at 2blackmamas.com.wordpress and 2blackmamas on Twitter, she is very talented and that fully expressed in her blog.