I usually have get rid of clothes if it’s been a year since last wearing it, and I always try to replace it with a new piece. However, there was a dress that I just didn’t have heart to get rid of. I gained some extra weight and the dress could no longer fit 😩. So it ended up tucked in the back of my closet in hopes that it would make it back to the front one day. Well, a few months ago I embarked on the journey of loosing some weight to become a healthier me!!! With patience I have lost weight with a few more pounds to go.

With those pounds gone, I thought now may be a good time to bring out my dress and try it on just to see if maybe it would fit. I really wasn’t thinking it would but to my surprise this dress fit better now than it did when I originally bought it!!! Wow, what an amazing feeling to be able to fit and look better in it that expected!!! So I ,of course, had to share and also to encourage others that sometimes holding on to that favorite dress may inspire you to maybe shed a few extra pounds. Keep pressing everyone and be inspired!!