Saturday night, which means “girls night” or even better a night out with my awesome cousin. We are both moms and my cousin (Tia) came from Atlanta to visit me for the weekend!!!! The perk for the weekend was she came to visit me “kid free”, I of course still had my children, but that was easily fixed by placing the husband on daddy duty😉. With no kids and no curfew we ready to get it in and we did just that at Club Applebee’s, lol!!! Now to make any night fun we had to start with our fashion!!! I especially want to give and show love to my cousin with her choice of wardrobe. She did a fantastic job picking her oh so sexy, you wish you were me outfit! She looked good and more importantly she felt good, and that’s what matters in the end. We truly had a fun and memorable night and it was much needed. 


Cousin rocked it!!!