I just wanted to share my favorite jacket/coat looks for this Fall/Winter season. Outerwear during this time of the year can complete your overall look from the casual look to going out for the evening look. My picks are classic,simple, comfortable and of course all of them look great with denim😉

These are my picks for a more casual day, on the run or spending the day with the kids. Stylish while on the run is never a bad thing!!


The trench coat is so versatile and is my pick for the “work week” coat. What I love about this look is the framing it gives to any figure it compliments you. The colors above are basic and go with everything, and for extra flare you can always add a scarf. You honestly can’t go wrong with the trench coat.


 And lastly, the fitted leather coat, which will be my personal favorite this season. Aside from style the leather coat will never get played out. I want to focus on the “fitted” leather because if you get the correct size and it falls right it gives a smaller waist line look and shows off those womanly curves. This coat can be worn with the most casual look to the most glamed up look. I can’t wait to share some leather coat pics of me through the season.

Keep in mind all these looks can vary in price so I want to share where I plan to make my purchases for these looks. Old Navy, Burlington Coat Factory,and for the leather coats I will go to consignment stores….they will have that vintage look. Also consider Wilsons Leather outlet stores for great deals. I’m excited to get this season on the way and show off some great outerwear.