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So ,as far as, wearing a blazer it’s not something I wear on the regular or even have more than one of. So, with the one I do have I thought let’s make it work with my outfit, which was perfect because the weather was a little tricky today. Not cold but not warm enough to have your arms totally out. With my dark wash skinny jeans from Oldnavy I wore I beige tank top and so my arms would not be out I wore my black blazer. I really like it how it all came together and I must say I’m going to look for a white and beige one next. Take note that the blazer I am wearing was originally part of a pants suit, so if you have a pant suit or one that was bought with a skirt pull that and wear it. Pairing those blazers with skinny jeans or skinny pants can really give the illusion of a smaller waist line. Most  blazers are made hugging the waist line a little more, and most go no longer than right above the “gluteus maxsimus” area which gives your figure such a great look. If you don’t already own a blazer a few places you can look are goodwill,thrift and consignments stores. If your looking to buy brand new then Khols, Belks and even Target are great places to look. Again I’m happy with the look and I will definitely be sharing pictures when I find my next one😉