So I have been debating on what to do with my jewelry, especially with my bracelets and watches. Now I’m always for recycling things that I already have around my house, and trust me if you hit up every room in your house you will be amazed of what you come up with it. So after my search I was very happy with what I came up with…..

I already had a left over wine bottle (I like to keep the pretty ones) the smaller bottle was just a piece that I had sitting on my mantle and last I already had the vanity glass dish, which at one time belonged to my dear grandma๐Ÿ’œ. So, as you see you simply drape the bottles with your jewelry and instantly you have created storage with a classy, vintage look to it. Now if for some reason you had no luck finding these similar items around your house, you can purchase the bottles from dollar tree and the trays from Ross.