Every shade is beautiful……..


As a black girl growing up color for me so young was not a issue, I played with and accepted everyone. As time went on and I began to notice a change in how people (black people) treated me I was confused. I remember thinking “what did I ever do to you for you not to like me? Well, sadly enough I was introduced to the whole light skinned, dark skinned feud that was dividing the black race.

Without, going through my whole childhood I will say there was bullying for a time in elementary school followed by fear, hatred, sadness, and confusion. Let me be clear during that time I still had friends that were darker than me that loved and were the best friends to me and still have those relationships till this very day. It was  tough but I learned that because of history, ignorance and hatred that color played a huge part in the black culture.

I’m saddened to still see some of the same behavior still going on today. As that young  girl who was bullied back then by her own race I still remember always thinking that being black is beautiful, it’s empowering and it’s unique. So many shades making up one beautiful race like a rainbow, wow how can you not embrace and love such a thing.

Today I’m mom of two beautiful children and I instill in them now the beauty of being black, the history and the integrity that it holds. Although, one day they may see and experience the division I still have high hopes that “we” will see its not necessary to treat other the way we do weather it be skin shade, economic level, education level, or even crime but that we love, nuture and embrace us. Let’s do this!! #blackhistorymonth