So February 2015 was a month that I truly decided to make some changes with my health and lifestyle. Along with starting my blog I took on the challenge of loosing weight. I never really felt unhealthy and for the most part I was happy with my outward appearance. My doctor however quickly informed me that I was overweight and my blood work showed a few other things that needed to be corrected, and that would mean eating better and exercise. So it was on that day I took it seriously and I made the changes necessary to better my health. I will say it was not easy and had my days of frustration,  but for the most part I took it one meal at a time and one day at a time. Along with making better eating habits I decided to join the YMCA and take zumba. For me I need classes something with instruction, because I get bored easily with working out alone. Once I joined zumba I quickly began to see results, which was so rewarding. I went twice a week to zumba, drank lots of water and continued to watch my portions with what I ate. I never deprived myself of the foods I liked because I have such a love for food, it was more of the portions. Another huge contribution was cutting out fast food, although convenient it’s not good for you but at times I did and still have it. So now fast forward to a year later still exercising and still eating good Im now down 43 POUNDS and 10.5 inches off my waistline…..WHAT!!!!!! I can’t tell you how proud of myself I am, cause I stuck with it and I love working out and when I miss a day I can’t stand it. I am now in conjunction with the zumba am doing spin classes and loving it. Not only do I feel good on the outside but I feel great in the inside, I feel lighter, happier and healthier. It’s a lifestyle and mental change but it’s reachable and attainable. We only got these bodies once and we should nuture and take care of them, I’m so happy for making that decision a year ago this month and blessed that I was able to stick with it.

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These pictures show my journey from last February to now…..