Well, you says that only fashion and being fly is only for the females. Men also have the right and creativity to be cool and fashionable. Again in my family our love for style and clothes came from our mom, she was always looking good even on her worse days. Won’t you don’t know is that my father was named best dressed his senior year in high school back in the 60’s so really it came both ends. So while my mom was showing myself and my two sisters, my dad was giving my one and only brother some pointers.

That brings me to my little brother who is the closet to me in age so he ,of course, through the years he really got my nerves,  but I would have you know that now he is one of my best friends. The kid is pretty fly too, but it took him some time to get there, lol! He truly is now a man that has style, along with humor, smarts and a big heart. His fashion is always on point weather it’s a day lounging at the house, hitting the gym, performing, date night, or professional he knows what to wear.  I love and admire his style and like me he is not hung up on the bigger name brands, it’s about what looks good, comfort and affordable.

So, for he first time on Nomoremamajeans I want to introduce you to my baby brother Drey aka #prostatus. Google him and see what he is up with his music and you can follow him on instagram at @prostatus twitter @prostatus85 his newest album ep The Peace prostatus.bandcamp.com/album/the-peace-ep


Shirt: H&M
Jeans: Express
Boots:Nike ACG