So as a mommy simplicity is my thing and I love to be versatile, so since I love changing my hair very often I now have a favorite hair style. This style is easy to maintain and it’s a fun style to play around with. I was told about this style from several friends and they loved it so I just had to try it.

If your looking to try a new style then you may want to consider this..its the crochet braids. This style was achieved by four bags of crochet braiding hair (you can find at any beauty supply store) and took for two hours to do in total. Now of course you may be able to this style on your own, but I’m not that talented so I went to a young lady that has done my braids in the past.

Maintaining this style is simple just mousse every morning and go!!! Depending on the hair and how you care for it it can last upto six weeks. Again, simple and super cute and I am really enjoying it, so let me know what you think.



Crochet Braids