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Wow, what an amazing way to shop from the convenience of your own home, where you are given the opportunity to buy and sell great fashion. I first heard about Thred Up about a year ago, went to the website checked it out but never gave it anymore thought after that, BIG MISTAKE!!!!. First the amount of saving on money I could have done on top of the wide variety of choices they give.

So with my first experience I kept it small wanting to make sure I was getting the right sizes and quality of the clothes that I ordered. I ordered three tops, two of which I had never born worn, so with my three tops and the 20 percent you also get for signing up I only paid $16 and some change for my tops….WHAT!!!! The shipment came really fast and I was like a kid on Christmas eager to open up my first purchase.

Instantly, I tried on all three tops and BOOM everything fit!!! I mean people really it’s a win,win situation. Again, so much to choose from, you can even shop for your kids as well. In think my next purchase will a handbag or shoes, hell might be both,lol!! I just want to let my followers know to please try this out, it cost nothing to sign up for and you can shop and sell if interested. I will totally be using this again, so thanks so Thred Up for this genius idea.