So my hallway closet was a hot mess, every time I opened it I instantly became frustrated, so I knew I had to do something about it. Over the years a collection of towels and sheets became a complete over load and half of them were never used or needed. On my quest for storage and organization I went to Ross too look for storage bins that would fit correctly in the close.

Luckily I found something right away while I was in Ross. Before storing sheets and towels in the bins I threw away sheets and towels that were worn, old,ragged or just plain done with. What a difference that made and from there I was from home free and ready to store my new towes that I bought. It’s amazing to me what a little organization can do, with this new closet I am able to look, reach and close the closet without anything falling on my head or just pure scared to open it because what would jump out at me,lol…

I wish I had taken a before photo but just imagine chaos and clutter on every shelf along with a door that would hardly close…so much better!!!!