There is nothing like it….comfort and fashion in one is a all time favorite of mine. This a Matty M MaXi dress purchased from TJMAXX. Now I often shop at Tjmaxx and I always think I’m getting really good deals, but I have to say this shopping visits trumps all past ones. I totally went in the store to find a romper and bathing suit cover up, well I passed the CLEARANCE rack on my way there. I glanced and in that quick glance there “she” was, we quickly made contact and new instantly we were a match in fashion heaven. I took “her ” off the rack admiring her and then I spotted her price!!!!! Well, I would have you know she was originally  $39.99 but this day she was (wait for it)……. $11.99!!!! Yes, I said it $11.99….I don’t know about you but I get excited about a good deal, and the  icing on the cake is it was the perfect length for me. See for my short girls our there you know it’s tough to find a long maxi that you can still wear your flats and the dress not be dragging the floor. So I urge you to never, ever pass up a clearance rack cause you know never know. Also, just in case your wondering I totally forgot all about the cover up and romper cause I was so in awe of my Maxi,lol.