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So my bestie and I hung out on Saturday and went to see the movie Bad Moms, and wow what a great decision!!! Every mom should go see this movie with another mom, cause only another mom can fully understand the humor, realness and the struggle. This movie although a comedy was still so relatable to everyday life as mom, wether a single mom,married or transitioning from married to divorced you will find a little of yourself in these chracters. As mom’s we get so busy living for our kids, spouses, jobs it’s so easy to loose focus and loose ourselves. Life itself is so hectic that we get stuck in routines and not enjoying what is surrounding us. There is so much more to life than work meetings, cleaning the house, making sure your kids eat healthy all the time or making sure no one is ever late. Well, as mom’s we must give ourselves a break every now and then, pat ourselves on the back and just let it be some of the damn time.I think not taking ourselves so seriously all the time is key, laugh at yourself every now and then for screwing up, cause it’s going to happen. We are awesome and I love that this movie emphasized how we aren’t perfect and that is ok…no one is. So grab one your girlfriends and see this movie, and afterward go out for a bite to eat and have a few laughs overy it. I cant tell you how much my bestie and I really liked this movie and had a great time talking about it. Talking with my bestie is like free, fun therapy and there is nothing like it.