There is nothing more I enjoy more than a good book and being apart of a bookclub. My love of reading came a little late in life,but like the old saying “your never too old”, so as a part of something to do for myself  I am apart of a book club with an amazing group of women. These women for over a year now inspire me in different ways, and when we are able to get together to talk, laugh, eat, drink and discuss topics it’s always a treat. Our book choices  fall in different categories, which is great cause it  opens your mind to different topics giving you the ability to understand other cultures and think outside the box. Challenging the mind while reading is a great brain exercise, which in turn promotes retaing information  and a stronger memory. It’s important to keep your mind active and what better way than to read and then celebrate the read with a group discussion with a great group of people. My bookclub is a happy place for me, and even if you don’t have a group I still encourage you to pick up book and read. Start with a book that you know will hold your interest, and eventally you may find it can be a new hobby for you. Amazon has a great variety of books to choose from either through your kindle or their website. Barnes and Nobles and Books A Million are bookstores so the possibilities there are endless. Sometimes you have to take it back and just hit up your local library  for free. Reading isn’t for everyone but dont knock it until  you try it. As for me I will continue to read and enjoy my wonderful group of girls. 

“THE GIRLS” and trust me when I say “we are not your average bookclub,lol!! We are missing one of our beauties in our group pic!!