Weddings are such a wonderful and beautiful celebration,  and today with so much hate going on its so reassuring to see people who love each other, and their friends and family coming together for a happy occasion. I love everything that a wedding represents, so much time and effort goes into it and then before you know it the big day is here and in a blink of an eye the day is over. As I  get older I look at weddings a little different I still pay attention to all outer beauty of the day, but I have to say that now I really pay attention to the couple. How they vibe with each that day, the tender moments and the joy on their faces. Those moments are what really count and that is what I saw with the beautiful couple that tied the knot today. Their love shined through and it filled the room, and I was so honored to witness it. So I want to say the new Mr. & Mrs Graham thank you for sharing your beautiful day and may God bless your union.