The great thing about having your own blog is you can showcase and share things and people that mean so much to you. I must let you know about a beautiful person both in and out who is more like a sister too me. Brittney McCurry, is the author of the amazing  book titled the “Real Journey”. This past weekend Brittney held her first and very successful book signing. I attended the event where I was able to buy and get my book signed by the author herself. I have to say I was filled with joy,love and happiness for her because I really like to see women embarking on new adventures and following thier dreams,these adventures are  never easy but with faith, support and a willingness to just do it  it’s very achievable and Brittney has made this dream of hers a reality and because of that I salute you. I have already began reading my copy and each page is  another story or experience that makes it hard to put down. I want to encourage you to get a COPY it’s so great and you will not disappointed. I will have her information below so you can hurry and order your copy today!!! I hope you take a way from this entry that dreams can come true….just believe!