Her Journey 

The great thing about having your own blog is you can showcase and share things and people that mean so much to you. I must let you know about a beautiful person both in and out who is more like a sister too me. Brittney McCurry, is the author of the amazing  book titled the “Real Journey”. This past weekend Brittney held her first and very successful book signing. I attended the event where I was able to buy and get my book signed by the author herself. I have to say I was filled with joy,love and happiness for her because I really like to see women embarking on new adventures and following thier dreams,these adventures are  never easy but with faith, support and a willingness to just do it  it’s very achievable and Brittney has made this dream of hers a reality and because of that I salute you. I have already began reading my copy and each page is  another story or experience that makes it hard to put down. I want to encourage you to get a COPY it’s so great and you will not disappointed. I will have her information below so you can hurry and order your copy today!!! I hope you take a way from this entry that dreams can come true….just believe!


Healthy Choices

Always take a little time to remember your health is important, you only get your body once, so fuel with healthy choices. My choice is zumba!! What is yours?

My zumba journey has helped me loose over 30 pounds!!

I love weddings

Weddings are such a wonderful and beautiful celebration,  and today with so much hate going on its so reassuring to see people who love each other, and their friends and family coming together for a happy occasion. I love everything that a wedding represents, so much time and effort goes into it and then before you know it the big day is here and in a blink of an eye the day is over. As I  get older I look at weddings a little different I still pay attention to all outer beauty of the day, but I have to say that now I really pay attention to the couple. How they vibe with each that day, the tender moments and the joy on their faces. Those moments are what really count and that is what I saw with the beautiful couple that tied the knot today. Their love shined through and it filled the room, and I was so honored to witness it. So I want to say the new Mr. & Mrs Graham thank you for sharing your beautiful day and may God bless your union.

Keep it simple


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I think we know by now I can wear denim everyday and be so happy with that. So on a casual day at work it was only fitting that I choose these distress,ripped jeans and my coca cola tee. If your looking for a variety of graphic tees for a great price,mine was purchased from the great Wal-Mart for only 9.99 not bad at all.


There is nothing more I enjoy more than a good book and being apart of a bookclub. My love of reading came a little late in life,but like the old saying “your never too old”, so as a part of something to do for myself  I am apart of a book club with an amazing group of women. These women for over a year now inspire me in different ways, and when we are able to get together to talk, laugh, eat, drink and discuss topics it’s always a treat. Our book choices  fall in different categories, which is great cause it  opens your mind to different topics giving you the ability to understand other cultures and think outside the box. Challenging the mind while reading is a great brain exercise, which in turn promotes retaing information  and a stronger memory. It’s important to keep your mind active and what better way than to read and then celebrate the read with a group discussion with a great group of people. My bookclub is a happy place for me, and even if you don’t have a group I still encourage you to pick up book and read. Start with a book that you know will hold your interest, and eventally you may find it can be a new hobby for you. Amazon has a great variety of books to choose from either through your kindle or their website. Barnes and Nobles and Books A Million are bookstores so the possibilities there are endless. Sometimes you have to take it back and just hit up your local library  for free. Reading isn’t for everyone but dont knock it until  you try it. As for me I will continue to read and enjoy my wonderful group of girls. 

“THE GIRLS” and trust me when I say “we are not your average bookclub,lol!! We are missing one of our beauties in our group pic!!

Switching it up 

So my first born was a girl so for the past ten years I’ve been doing activities that were ballet,dance,girl scouts and so many more. Basically everything was frilly and very girly. So now, my son who is now four finally gets to shine with his activities and so he is playing tball. Today was his first practice and although very different from my daughter, I can tell I will also enjoy this eventhough it will be more sweaty,smelly and hot its all it worth when I see that smile on his face. Kids bring so much joy and I love and being a mommy to this kid is awesome!

These Heels 

So I’m especially proud of these Guess 2 and half inch heels, not because how the cute they are (thats obvious) but how much I paid!!! While shopping at my favorite consignment store, The New Black I found these never worn before Guess heels for $10 BUT I had a store credit, therefore I only paid $5!!!! What a steal,right!!!! They give me life,it’s an instant connection,lol!!! Really don’t sleep on your local consignment stored cause you never know.